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All items are guaranteed authentic for eternity! US$ 46.00. Can this Conder token be conserved ? Ancient Coins For Sale - Ancient Roman Coins, Ancient Greek Coins, Biblical Coins, And Other Ancient Coins - Authentic, Expertly Described, Guaranteed. China Warring States Yan State 476-221 BC Ghost Face Money. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Read some coin articles and tips or post your own. Xsolla is an authorized global distributor of Paradox Interactive. Also looking at the backside you can see letters SOL on the left so it may well be a coin dedicated to Sol Invictus. Praefectus Coins. Bust of Pan / Athena € 55.00. Numismatic questions; Swaps and trades; Banknotes; Numista coin catalogue; Numista banknote catalogue; Numista website ; Free discussion; Most Popular Coin Contest; RTScott78. Ancient coins, a forum for discussing Roman, Greek, and other coins from ancient civilizations. Followers 0. Post your ancients here for discussion or just to show off. Praefectus Coins. My first gut instinct was Aurelian, but that was because I thought the crown looked kinda like a sun, that coin is a pretty close comparison. Ancient Celts and Spain are available too and don't forget to buy supplies to properly store your Ancient coins and artifacts. Ancient Coin Forum. Can someone help direct me to find out more about these coins? Fakes Information Centre on Calgary Coins. Collectors Corner | World sub in the works and my guesses for the grades. Package stuck since December 27th 2020 USPS coming to Canada, Prussian Coins During the Ambassadorship of a Future President, Information needed on medals by German engraver Oertel Berlin, My journey building 1/2 Reales Mexico collection (my goal cobs & 1732-1821). Check out these great, categorized coin collecting web … Subforums. US$ 253.00. Augustus, with Divus Julius Caesar. Special edge on 1938 British West Africa two shilling? 565 posts. 565 posts. Is the obverse and reverse of a coin subjective? Followers 0. CU | Top notch … Posted: 14-Jan-2017, 12:51AM . A forum to discuss US, World, and Ancient coins with members and NGC experts. Ancient Coin Forum. Top notch … Ancient Coin Articles. 62 posts. Does anyone know of a good place in central Tx. Are these more on the collectable side of world coins? Choice Roman Syro-Palestinian Glass Sprinkler Jug 4-5 Century AD. At first (reigh of Caracalla) it was nominally most probably a double denarius, but in reality its silver content was that of 1.5 denarius, so it was a typical fraud from the very beginning. The Museum of Roman … 44 posts. Constantine II 337-340 AD AE17 Antioch As Caesar Glory of the Army. Feb 5, 2015 - Athens, Greece, New Style Tetradrachm, c.109 - 108B.C. Enjoy displays featuring polls, information, and photos. Heavily debased antoninianus (we don't know how Romans called them, we only know there were new silver coins named after some Antoninus, and since this type of coin was introduced by Caracalla and he adopted the … I would also guess Aurelian. Canadian Dollar - fake or problem coin? Ancient, Greek, and Roman Coin Forum - Such a fascinating history behind these old coins. Antoninus Pius 138-161 AD AE33 Drachm Alexandria Cybele Flanked by Lions . Coins of the Bosporan Kingdom; By DOBRO, November 6, 2019; Ancient Coin Museum. Ancient Coin Forum. UPDATED in OP. Does anyone here own the Mexico 8 Reales error marked 1287 instead of 1827? Quick Links: US$ 127.00. Usually I'm lurking here only for new DDs but when I noticed this thread I logged in just to reply since I collect ancient coins and know a thing or two about them. Forum Ancient Coins . Where i could have my world coin collection valued?

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