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2. Sometimes you have to use a paintbrush, while other times you use the applicator tip that's attached to the top of the bottle. There are 3017 paper clay earrings for sale on Etsy, and they cost $23.11 on average. You only need to seal the front of each earring set since you'll be gluing them back-to-back. CREATIVE PAPERCLAY-Creative Paper clay Modeling Material. Use a pair of wire cutters to cut the tip of the needle head off to create a set of prongs. How did you get the shapes to stay.. when I handle mine at all or remove the excess clay, it gets distorted and stretched. Stretch and fold the twisted, rolled out piece of clay several times until the colors start to blend nicely. If you can't find a design that you like, make your own! Baking tray and baking paper . It’s okay if they feel a tiny bit gummy while still hot, just as long as they hold their shape when you pick them up. Like adding tassels with embroidery floss, using hoops instead of posts, creating more organic shapes, marbling bright colors together, etc, etc. Carefully peel off the paper template from the polymer clay. Be careful not to fully seal any of the holes or designs. Hi Emma. Once you have the first earring completed, repeat the process to add the second bead onto another eye pin and fish hook earring. Underbaked clay can result in earrings that break apart or crumble. Stick the toothpick into a ball of clay and let the glue dry. You may find it easier to cut a piece of paper into your desired shape first, then use that as a template to cut out your clay. If you like the look of these earrings, you can also. If you don't like the look of gold or silver beads, try a glass bead instead. Treat the loop you made like a jump ring. Consider a simple shape, such as a skinny rectangle, or a tall, narrow triangle. Hope she enjoys this project. Could you send a link where you got your clay? Bake the clay for at least 30 minutes per 1/4” of thickness. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. You can make all sorts of crafts using paper, such as boxes and banners, but did you know that you can make jewelry too? Take two separate colors of your choice. Terrazzo Style Clay Earring DIY. For more tips, like how to make chunky beaded earrings, read on. If you don't have any gold, silver, or glass beads, you can add a pretty charm instead. Any type of liquid craft glue will work just fine here. Use the same technique as you would for marbling, only this time, continue pushing the colors through one another (stretching, rolling, folding, repeat) until all of the colors are blending throughout with no striations. For a more durable finish, you could use an epoxy sealer instead. Once you have your shapes, add more detail by using a craft blade to cut out smaller designs from the inside of your earrings. Sometimes, the glitter clogs the punch. Glad you’ve found this post helpful! No Etsy account needed, you'll simply check out as a guest. I am nurturing her hobby as she loves to make jewelry designs and I am glad I came across this post. If you made circular earrings, it might be easier to use another circular craft punch, but in a smaller size. Saved by Tine Lameijer. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published, This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. It may not look identical, but it should look very similar. Using a craft knife cut out two squares. You may also be able to use a varnish instead. If you made a second set of earrings, be sure to seal those too. Polymer clay has to be warmed up in your hands when you take it out of the package to revitalize the clay. Paper Bead Jewelry. Hold firmly for about 30 seconds to make sure it completely adheres. Be careful not to seal any holes or designs on your earring. Leave the clay to dry, sand smooth and glue the square to the top of the circle. And if your oven tends to run hot, keep a very close eye on them, or they might burn. If you’re using a small 2 oz block of clay, this will be 1/4 of the block and you will see that the block is actually marked into quarters. You can also choose paper with a pearlescent sheen or a pretty pattern. If you’re new to working with polymer clay, a great first project is a pair of earrings, and you can never go wrong with a beautiful marbling effect! I’ve seen so many beautiful DIYs for clay statement earrings, but I wanted to try taking that a step further and use paper embossing folders to make DIY embossed earrings with clay for a subtle texture and pattern! In this DIY we will use polymer clay to craft a pair of earrings inspired by the Venetian workers of the fifteenth century. Draw directly onto a sheet of paper, or create it on the computer, then print it out. Hi! For a fancier look, choose a shaped craft punch, like a butterfly, heart, or star. I love to hear that your daughter is an aspiring jewelry designer. Looking everywhere for gold but can only find silver. For any … Also BRITTNI-do you bake them in your normal oven? It’s so frustrating because I’ve baked, sanded, and buffed by that point and then I have to start back at square one. Use your roller to flatten the colors together into a simple color block. If you’re ever wanted to make your own polymer clay earrings (or any clay jewelry for that matter), this project is for you. Polymer clay is such a fantastic medium to work with – the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can make and the colours you can use. This is where you will connect them together later. Best of all, the design possibilities are endless, from intricate dangling earrings to chunky beaded ones. Thanks for sharing!! Glitter paper works great for this! Have you ever tried making your own jewelry? How do I wear earrings if I don't have piercings? If you can't find a 4-mm bead, try a 3-mm bead instead. Similar colors, like blue and green, will give you a more subtle look. Work the clay in your … You can find blank or empty fish hook earrings in the beading section of a craft store. It would be according to the packaging on your clay, but for mine, Fahrenheit. Hold firmly for about 30 seconds to make sure it completely adheres. Start by finding a clean, non porous surface, I used a marble table but glass would also work. This works for any shape, be it a circle, triangle, or rectangle. If you're ever wanted to make your own clay earrings (or any clay jewelry for that matter), this project is for you. -Brittni, Hi, is the 225 degrees in Celsius or Fahrenheit, Hi Mille. You can always mix your own colors if needed. Most glues will take about 10 to 15 minutes to dry. Read the label on the bottle of glue to find out how long you should wait. New Follower. We'll see you next time. 1. paper moon jewelry clay work Contact Us Upcoming Shows Galleries Paper Moon Jewelry. Pay special attention to your ratios – a little black can go a long way, while you may need a lot more white to get a more pastel palette. Roll out your color-blocked clay until it is about 1/16″-1/8″ thick throughout. Craft glue will work just find for this, but super glue will work even better because it dries fast. Hi! If you prefer a bead that tapers on both ends, cut a. To make paper earrings, find a sheet of thick, glittery cardstock and cut out a pair of identical shapes that are about 1 or 2 inches in size. bars for Jewelry Making and … Hi Brittni, my daughter is very much fond of jewelry and is aspiring to become a jewelry designer. References If your design is asymmetrical, then your second set needs to be a mirror image of the first set; otherwise, the designs won't match up. *If you’re not sure what colors to go with or don’t see the color you’re looking for, stick with the primaries, along with black and white. Use gold fish hook earrings for warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow. -Brittni. You can also use a page from a catalog or calendar, or even a sheet of wrapping paper. They turned out great. It’s just basic color theory stuff with a little extra elbow grease thrown in. I loved all these shapes and designs. The key here is to create some sort of stopper so that the larger, paper bead doesn't fall off. Because paper is so light to begin with, the finished earrings are comfortable to wear. You will need a clay scraper to remover your earrings from the wax paper. If you get stuck choosing a color combo, you can also go with one color plus the classic white and black. Take it Further... There are lots of additional things you can do to add to your earrings. Have you tried using a microwave oven? Adheres easily to wood; canvas and most surfaces without glue. Hi Riya. Your earrings are now ready to wear! Once your earrings are cut out, step away and let them air dry for 15-20 minutes. Last Updated: September 19, 2019 If you don’t have a clay cutter this size, you can also roll out two small balls of clay and press with a flat surface to get a flattened circle, or hand cut with a knife. I was told not to due to cooking food in my home oven. Old books. Sand the clay with fine sand paper until it’s smooth all over. Learn more... You can make all sorts of crafts using paper, such as boxes and banners, but did you know that you can make jewelry too? If you cut a triangular strip, begin wrapping from the. From there, you’ll be able to cut out fun shapes and create your earrings.

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